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Knutsford wildflower meadow has been sown - March 2011

The Knutsford in Bloom volunteers have finally sown the meadow, behind St Cross Church, off Mobberley Road.  They will now be looking forward to watching the wildflower meadow grow over the spring and summer, becoming a wonderful feature in the town for years to come. 

Invites were sent out via; our website, emails to interested individuals and groups, and posted into the homes in the immediate vicinity.  On the day, a group of 14, including members of ‘Friends of the Moor’, town councillors, volunteers from Cheshire East Council, and residents from Branden Drive and Ella Grove helped to sow the wildflower seed. 

The biggest challenge was treading the seed into the ground, necessary to ensure the seed did not wash away in the rain, or blow away in the wind. Our feet could have been treading away into Sunday, had it not been for the arrival of a large roller, courtesy of Cheshire East Council, which took 40 minutes to roll the whole 2/3 acre area.

Andrew McKeith of Cheshire East Council volunteered his own time to keep a watchful eye over us, ensuring good seed coverage of the area, and Kurt Finn, also a volunteer from Cheshire East Council did a marvellous job guiding the large roller over the seeds.

The meadow has been sown with both a perennial meadow mix and a classic annual cornfield mix of wildflower seed including; corn chamomile, cornflower, lesser knapweed, meadow buttercup, meadowsweet, red campion, ribwort plantain, and ox eye daisy.

The wildflower seed was funded by Cheshire Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, as a number of its residents overlook the area, and Cheshire East Council helped to prepare the ground for sowing. 

Knutsford in Bloom volunteer group would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone, for the funding, for the ground preparation, and for volunteering time to help sow the meadow.  

More photos in the gallery

Knutsford Meadow in Full Glory - June 2011

Our new town meadow of perennial and annual wildflowers is looking fantastic!  Please find time to wonder down through the Moor and up to the meadow, off Mobberley Road, behind St Cross Church, and have a look at the two thirds of an acre site.  It is filled with colour and buzzing with bees, butterflies and other insects, drawn to the classic meadow created earlier this year.

The meadow has been sown with both a perennial meadow mix and a classic annual cornfield mix of wildflower seed including; corn chamomile, cornflower, lesser knapweed, meadow buttercup, meadowsweet, red campion, ribwort plantain, and ox eye daisy.

Photographs demonstrating our progress can be found in the 'Photo Gallery'.  Open the meadow album and click on 'slide show' followed by 'full screen' for the full effect - fabulous!

New Planting Areas for 2011

Our town meadow is planned for March 2011.  Location; behind St Cross Church (small field), off Mobberly Road. 

The Fountain on the Heath, Manchester Road is now complete, daffodils should be seen in a few weeks.

Daffodil plantings have been made; in the beds on Toft Road, in the Rachel Bloor Memorial Garden, in front of the council offices and the library, and in the Civic Centre planters.

The town planters have been planted with shrub roses and daffodils, and will be planted with perennials and bedding plants throughout the year.

We have agreed to take on the Bexton Lane 'Paradise Garage Gardens' area from Cheshire East Council.  Work will begin on this area in the year.

We have also agreed to take on the bedding areas around the seating on Toft Road, in front of St John's Church, and the Rachel Bloor Memorial Garden, which will be planted with perennials for year round colour .

We have also discussed taking on the station beds at the main entrance.

As you can see this is quite a commitment, so please, even if you only have 15 minutes a week to offer, we would love to hear from you.


T: 01565 631833

Invitation to Sow a Meadow - March 2011

We are finally here!  The meadow seed is in and waiting to be sown. 

We need volunteers to come along and help sow the seed by hand and walk it in.  This should be a fun process, but care is needed; the seed is VERY fine, and will need walking in, but must not be covered, as this would stop the seeds from germinating.  The area to be covered is approximately 2/3 of an acre, so the more helpful hands and feet, the better. 

It would be lovely to see you, and maybe friends too, who can come along and help.  This is a fair weather task, and will not go ahead if it is raining, but we will need rain within a couple of days of sowing for success!

Hope to see you on Saturday, 12 March at 10am (weather permitting), behind St Cross Church, Mobberly Road. 

We would like to thank Cheshire Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, for funding the meadow through the trust's community investment grant, as many of it's Ella Grove residents overlook the area.  We hope the meadow will bring a great deal of pleasure to everyone in the area, and provide a haven to wildlife.

We would also like to thank Roy Lowndes and Andrew McKeith of Cheshire East for helping us to get this project back on track. 

Cheshire East Agree to Stalled Meadow Plans - July 2010

After many meetings with Cheshire East officials, the meadow project has been put back on track.  The meadow will be situated on the small field behind St Cross Church, Mobberly Road. 

Cheshire East have prepared the ground for us, weed killing the grass and weeds to give the wildflower seeds maximum chance of success, and have also racked the area.  Now it is over to us to create a beautiful meadow for years to come.

Fountain Monument, the Heath - March 2011

After removing 40 sacks of weed and turf in total, the edging to the fountain area has now been reinstated.  We have planted the edge with  daffodils and white hardy geraniums for spring and summer long floral displays. 

New Civic Centre planters update - May 2010

The Civic Centre planters are now in place, and caused quite a stir on the day of planting.  Many well wishers came to express their pleasure in the choice of plants, some even rolled up their shirt sleaves and dug in!  It was a fantastic day and we would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all you well wishers and especially everyone that helped. 

We would also like to thank; Cheshire East Council for allocating the funds necessary for the 10 planters.  Knutsford Town Council allocated funds to Knutsford in Bloom volunteers to be used at our discretion to improve the floral displays in the town, and this contribution went a long way towards the signs, drainage stones, soil and compost and of course the plants. 

We would also like to say a special thank you to our sponsors for this year; Guy Salmon Land Rover, The Knutsford Hearing Centre, Knutsford IT, and KBS Partnership LLP.

Everything has been kept local, or as local as possible; the bespoke planters by Richard Barnes, the soil and compost (no peat) from Lee Grower Supplies, and the plants were bought from down the road at Chelford Market, a whole new experience for us volunteers, that we can't wait to repeat!

We decided to plant with sustainability in mind, and with the exception of the lobelia, all the plants are perennial, reducing the need to dig up and replace twice a year, saving money, floral miles and labour.  The planting is very much soft and cottage style, almost meadow like, with a palette of pink, white and blue.  The planting includes evergreen shrubs which will grow over time and give year round form to the planters. 

Plants used include; rhododendron, pieris, lavender, pinks, lithodora, aubrieta, artemisia, cistus, arabis, armeria, phlox and a crab apple tree.  It took no time at all for the bees to begin visiting the planters.  If necessary we will add colour as needed, but this has been thought through, to give a good year round display. 

Check out the progress of our planters in the photo gallery.

Civic Centre new planters begin to arrive - April 2010

One of our local craftsmen is working on the new Civic Centre planters, which will provide the opportunity to make a floral impact in the centre of the town.  Richard Barnes is making the bespoke planters which will be ready for planting in the next week or so. 

Knutsford in Bloom meadow plans on hold - April 2010

The group have been told that the meadow and the roundabout plans that had been agreed with Cheshire East, may now not go ahead. 

We have had a discussion with individuals from Cheshire East, who have decided not to proceed with the agreed meadow and roundabout schemes.  The Knutsford in Bloom group have put together a report and proposals based upon Cheshire East concerns, having taken advice from professionals in relevant fields, and are now awaiting comments from Cheshire East. 

The Fountain Monument update - Summer 2010

The Fountain on the Heath continues to look better than ever before.  Mary Johnson has planted blue and white trailing lobelia to represent cascading water. Residents are keeping on top of the weeds and watering.  We are yet to reinstate the edge, but hope to do this in early Autumn.

Fountain Monument, the Heath - January 2010

Our first project has begun, we are returning the fountain monument on the edge of the Heath, Manchester Road to it's former glory. 

So far we have weeded the fountain and cleared the overgrown grass and soil revealing beautiful granite sets.  There are a couple missing which we would like to replace.  28 sacks later it's looking rather glorious.  What do you think?  You could let us know on the guestbook page.  Have a look at the photo galary to see our progress so far.

The next stage is to reinstate the border around the display, lifting overgrown grass and planting up with spring and summer plants.  We will post the next planned clear up on the web, so if you would like to come along, we would love to see you. 

Planters on the Move - Summer 2010

You may have noticed some of the planters on Princess Street have been grouped together to make more of an impact from King Edward Street and on Princess Street itself.  There are more moves afoot, so keep watching. 

New Look Planting For Canute Place Roundabout on hold - 2010

Cheshire East have decided not to go ahead with the roundabout revamp for both Canute Place and the Chelford Road roundabout.

Meadow Plans

There is a meadow planned for the smaller field behind St Cross Church, and work is scheduled to begin in August with the help of Cheshire East.  The area is 2/3rds of an acre and anyone who would like to come along when things start happening is more than welcome.  We'll keep you posted.

Knutsford in Bloom have raised the funds for the meadow seed courtesey of Cheshire Peaks and Plains.  We are now awaiting further information from Cheshire East concerning the meadow and it's progress.

New Look Planting For Canute Place Roundabout

The Canute Place roundabout is one of the first floral displays encountered on entry to Knutsford.  Knutsford in Bloom have considered the idea of sustainable planting on the roundabout, and the hope of a brighter display.  Cheshire East are responsible for planting the roundabouts in Knutsford and after a 'walk about' and discussions with the group, have agreed to plant Canute Place roundabout with low growing heathers for all seasons.  Over time they will grow and put on a spectacular show.

Thank you Cheshire East.

We hope to come up with a perennial planting scheme for the Chelford Road roundabout, to be planted in the autumn.  All ideas welcome, why not leave a comment on the guestbook?

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