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The RHS website has information on; gardens to visit in the National Garden Scheme (NGS), where to find a plant, plant search, the school gardening sheme, shows and other events, horticultural research and developments, competitions, news, shopping and much more.

What the RHS judges are judging and looking for when they visit

RHS awards and elements affecting the outcome: 

For information, the RHS awards for the categories are; 

  • Gold – which may lead to entry into Britain in Bloom
  • Silver Gilt – a near miss to Gold and a very high acheivement in the horticultural world
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • No award 

To receive an award you must reach a required standard.  Awards are not awarded unless the required standard is reached, and towns and villages may not achieve any award at all, as had been the case with Knutsford for several years prior to our successful win in our first year as a volunteer group, where in 2010 we won: 

  • Silver Gilt - for best town category
  • Best Commercial Effort – in recognition of the effort by the business community with displays, but also KIBs efforts in gaining sponsorship, and in helping the businesses to order hanging baskets, brackets etc. 

What the RHS judges are looking for: 

  • Town planting; colour schemes being well thought out with an overall balance.
  • How mindful of environmental impact are we?  Are we thinking of nature, environment, sustainable planting, recycling? 
  • Are we spreading the word about the RHSs aims ie; sustainable planting and horticulture, bringing in young children, families and groups into the world of horticulture and demonstrating that we are doing this through various forms of PR ie; website, media, signs, liaising with residents, schools and groups.
  • As this is recognition of civic pride, the judges are looking at various aspects of the town including;
    • Planting – business, town, county council, schools and residents
    • Litter, including litter bin upkeep, cigarette ends etc
    • Street sweeping by the council – autumn leaves in July suggest poor street sweeping systems
    • Graffiti
    • Broken paving
    • Weeds on kerb sides, paths and along walls
    • Paving, benches and other street furniture maintained to a good standard
  • Community effort ie residents, business, schools, churches, other groups, town council and county council all working together to show Knutsford off at its best.

Holding our breath on RHS North West in Bloom visit

The RHS North West in Bloom judges visited our town on a horribly wet and windy day, however, the worst of the rain kept at bay while we walked around the town and visited Egerton Primary School.

The judges loved what Egerton Primary school has achieved on the Kenya Project, and the Magical wood.  They were also very impressed with the plans for a complete revamp of the school gardens. 

They loved our sustainable planting projects including; pernnial planting in the town planters with the roses, our wildflower meadow off Mobberley Road, and our civic centre planters. 

Walking around the town, the judges particularly liked the following displays:

  • The Cross Keys Inn
  • The Belle Epoque
  • The Lemon Tree
  • Marble Arch
  • Ash Court gardens

They took photos of these displays, and are hoping to have them on display at the awards ceremony to be held in October later this year. 

There were many more wonderful displays put on by the business community and residents lucky enough to live in the centre of the town.  A big thank you to all the business community for helping Knutsford to look so nice this summer, and to the businesses that have sponsored our town planters. 

Photos can be found in the gallery, for the best images please click on 'slide show' and 'full page'.

Knutsford in Bloom are double award winners at RHS North West in Bloom ceremony 2010

As Chairwoman of Knutsford in Bloom volenteer group, I'm so excited and proud, I want to let you know how we got on at the RHS NWIB ceremony in Southport yesterday (21 October).  we came away with two certificates and a crystal award.  Knutsford is the only town, village or other in the north of Cheshire to win an award this year.

We won a discretionary award (the crystal award and certificate) for commercial effort out of the whole of the North West region.  This was for all our efforts in PR for Knutsford in Bloom and for encouraging the business community to become involved in our town's displays.  

We also won a coveted Silver Gilt for Knutsford town's floral displays and community involvement!  

 This will be fantastic PR for Knutsford in the floral world, and is definitely an added bonus with the RHS Flower Show at Tatton, it may well bring in more visitors over the show period and over next summer.
These awards really knocked the wind out of my sails, I never dreamt we would do so well.  We really didn't expect to win anything at all, we were just pleased to be able to begin 'floralising' the town.  Brilliant!
The North West in Bloom website will have coverage of the event and you can download photos for free.  I intend to deliver a newsletter to all the businesses and residents in the town to say thank you to those that helped us to win the award, and those that didn't, to get involved next year.
I just wanted to let you know our had work was very much recognised, and the judges said again how well deserved our awards were.  They also said they would be looking for a Gold next year!  Come on!
With Cheshire East Council and Knutsford Town Council behind us, I think next year could be pretty fantastic for our town!   

Schools: Growing Gardens Competition ('The Garden' March 2010)

The RHS and the Puffin Book Club have launched the Growing Gardens Competition, offering the chance to win a school garden makeover.  Blue Peter Gardener Chris Collins will work with staff and pupils to re-create the winning design.  Entries must be in by 14 May 2010.

Visit for more information.

UK cities: from grey to green ('The Garden' February 2010)

'Governments and local authorities are being urged to divert more funding away from hard ('grey') infrastructure towards soft landscaping instead.'

This article highlights the new campaign 'Grey to Green' by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), who are calling for street trees and parks, which will benefit the local and national population through better flood protection, urban cooling, encouraging local food production and improved health.

 Visit for more information.

Large trees vital in built-up areas ('The Garden' February 2010)

This article highlights a proposed 3 year study into the use of larger trees in streets, and aims to encourage landscapers to use them more widely when planning new developments.  This is because the Trees and Design Action Group have shown from previous studies that larger trees are better than smaller trees when considering shade and air quality, in addition they increase property prices and have even been shown to affect the amount of money spent in local shops.

More reason to KEEP or REPLACE trees taken down in our drives and town centre.

Habitats for hibernators ('The Garden' October 2009)

Have you thought of creating hibernation areas for lizards, grass snakes, hedgehogs, frogs, toads and newts?  A log pile at the bottom of your garden, in a shady spot might be just the thing.  Pile up some logs in an out of the way place in the shade and leave it alone.

Interested in doing more for wildlife in the winter?  Check out .

Another wildlife garden website to check out is .  This website from Natural England is all about making your garden more wildlife friendly.