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Knutsford Needs You!

Our group of resident volunteers help to keep Knutsford looking lovely year round.  We would love to do more and with your help we can continue to build upon our successes.  Interested? 


As a group we get together to tackle big projects for example the wildflower meadow off Brandon Drive, we also have our own patch of Knutsford that we take care of on a regular basis, in our own time to suit us, for example a set of planters ie the King Street planters at the back of St John's Church. 

Families, groups and clubs, young and older you can all help.  'Adopting' a planter or flower bed doesn't have to be a massive commitment and it would help the town to continue to look wonderful for residents and visitors.

Our responsibilities so far include:

  • The town planters
  • Town barrier planters (on railings)
  • The Civic Centre planters, Toft Road
  • The Fountain and border, the Heath, Manchester Road
  • The Gaskell Avenue trough
  • The meadow, off Mobberley Road and Brandon Drive
  • St John’s Church flower beds, Toft Road
  • The Rachel Bloor Memorial Garden flower beds
  • The station main entrance large and small flower beds
  • Paradise Garage cherry blossom trees, Bexton Lane


Please take a look at our photo gallery for more photos of our projects and the towns floral displays.  The photos can be viewed full screen.

If we can find enough people to commit to helping, we can renovate other key areas in the town, introducing more colour and interest with flowers and flowering shrubs.  Areas such as;

  • Booths Gardens
  • The library gardens
  • The Sessions House gardens


  • We would love to hear from anyone with good ideas, information on all things green and floral, and most definitely anyone who would like to volunteer their support in any way possible.

    If you would like to volunteer on a regular basis that would be wonderful.  Some of you might not want such a commitment, but might like to get some exercise and fresh air, helping with planting projects we hope to tackle in the future as a one off.  You may be the person we are looking for to help fund raise, you may be good with wood and be able to help with making planters.  There is something for anyone wishing to help and all are welcome.

    If you would like to make a donation to future planting projects, please make any cheques or donations payable to 'Knutsford in Bloom'.

    Contact us via:


    T: 01565 631833

    Knutsford in Bloom, c/o Beech House, Thorneyholme Drive, Knutsford, WA16 8BT

    We would love to hear from you.